⁣HGU Specs: 2.5 bundles 16 ” and a partial closure made with The Diamond Bodywave Collection cut into this tousled custom colored lob! ⁣⁣•Customized fit ✅⁣•Protective Styling ✅⁣•Healthy Hair✅⁣•45 min salon time ✅⁣•Everyday FLAWLESS styling ✅⁣•No LONG salon waits ✅⁣•Smart financial Investment ✅⁣⁣
Hair Specs: MaryJane Collection  2 Curly 14” bundles  with a closure! Pictured in a manipulated and controlled state! ⁣⁣
Full Lace
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7x6 Closure
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5x5 Closure
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4x4 Closure
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Hair Specs:  Custom made glueless  3x24” and a 18” BODYWAVE frontal HGU  from MaryJane Collection left in the natural state! ⁣ ⁣⁣
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“ARI” is a 20” Bodywave hairgoddess unit made with our “Goddess Collection” which is authentic raw hair she was made with 3.5 bundles and a 5x5 closure! With a hint of warm subtle honey colour added for the perfect blend of attention! She’s cultivating for sure.....
Just wig it Tee
Soft comfy shirt With a statement 
Diamond Collection
3x26, 20” closure