The DIAMOND Collection

"Sophia " is a Body Wave unit. She can be straighten and curled to show versatility . Ideal for a super natural look!  Custom Color Can be added!
custom unit in natural texture and natural colour..  made with 22" body wave 
⁣HGU Specs: 2.5 bundles 16 ” and a partial closure made with The Diamond Bodywave Collection cut into this tousled custom colored lob! ⁣⁣•Customized fit ✅⁣•Protective Styling ✅⁣•Healthy Hair✅⁣•45 min salon time ✅⁣•Everyday FLAWLESS styling ✅⁣•No LONG salon waits ✅⁣•Smart financial Investment ✅⁣⁣
Kinky Straight
  When wearing extensions, you do not stop at simply wearing one; for best effect, you have to wear several pieces in order to achieve your desired hairstyle. Hair extensions, however, can quickly turn into costly investments, especially if they are of high quality and well-made. Savvy buyers will want to look out for special deals to get the most out of their purchases, especially if they plan to purchase more than one extension. Fortunately, MJC offers bundle deals on some of its hair extensions, such as its Indian  kinky straight  products. Through our bundles, you can buy our hair extensions in bulk for noticeably less than if you buy them individually. For those hairstyles that need several extensions at once, we recommend that you purchase 3-4 bundles contingent on length  Bundle Contents Our Kinky Straight bundles weigh 3.5 ounces, and is ready for use out of the packaging. Our products are made from...
" KHAI " is  a STRAIGHT unit that CAN been curled for styling! Color Can be added!
" JAZZ " is a 16" light  PURPLE unit. She was styled with soft curls and can be considered as a lob (long bob) with a SIDE  part! Perfect for a super natural finish.
"Izzy " is a 12"curly  unit. She was left in the natural state. Ideal for a natural curly look and can expand to big hair!
'Isabella " is a 12" burmese curly   unit. She was left in the natural state. Ideal for a natural curly look and  can expand to big hair!
Textured Curly Bob